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Sensory Magic is a powerful touch screen computer system based on the latest Windows operating platform complete with Rompa’s own exclusive software. Designed in conjunction with leading therapists and educational professionals, Sensory Magic is an easy to use, practical and immersive tool for use inside and outside a Multi Sensory Environment, appropriate for all age groups and ability levels.

By using Sensory Magic with the wide range of compatible Multi Sensory products made exclusively by Rompa, users can create unique immersive environments and experiences like never before; and control them.

Based on the principles of Snoezelen®, Sensory Magic empowers the users to explore their sensory world and adapt their environment to meet their needs. When physical exploration is prohibited by a disorder or disability, Sensory Magic can bring the environment to the room, utilising many of the senses such as; visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, proprioceptive and vestibular.

With one touch, you can decide how to work the session; either to Stimulate, Educate, Relax, or a combination. These features can be used as a pre-emptive or de-escalation tool to manage over stimulated individuals by changing the environment to a relaxing theme, potentially avoiding negative behaviours.