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The Software

A unique feature to Sensory Magic is the ability to record, track and adapt your sessions and equipment in a structured and therapeutic manner. Dependent on user likes and dislikes, Sensory Magic can be customised to adapt to their needs. For instance, if a particular colour is disliked, Sensory Magic can be programmed with one touch to remove the colour from the session.

In addition to the base Sensory Magic Software, there are several add on packages that are ideal for certain uses, age groups and environments.

Care™ (Caring Approach to a Reminiscence Experience)

Specifically developed for those individuals experiencing symptoms of dementia, Care™ helps improve care giver and user relationships, aids reminiscence, promotes social activities, communication and stimulates brain activity in a fun and engaging way through various games and activities.

Profiling Assessment Tool for Sensory Development

Developed in conjunction with University of Southampton, the assessment tool allows therapists and carers to understand the users’ sensory preferences in regards to a Multi Sensory Environment. This simple to use tool provides an invaluable insight ahead of working with them, allowing positive behaviours to be encouraged.