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The Technology

Sensory Magic comes in two versions, a fixed unit for use in a Multi Sensory Environment and a portable unit, perfect for multi user sites where mobility and flexibility is required. Both versions have their advantages and our advisors would be happy to demonstrate and discuss the solution which best suits your needs.

The system comes preloaded with over 600 different items of content, with easy functionality to encourage creativity to develop your own custom themes and environments with your own content. Sensory Magic also has the ability to act as an entertainment centre and removes the need for other equipment in the room. Each system comes with a custom designed, easy to use picture and media storage utility, DVD/movie playback, CD and MP3/4 playback functionally.

Not content with offering this unique system through the wall mounted panel and table top touch screen, soon Sensory Magic with be available on a tablet device. Find your most comfortable position and control your sensory room at the touch of a screen. Moving the technology onto a tablet will put the reminiscence experience in the hands of the user, irrespective of their mobility, allowing those with restricted movement or confined to bed to benefit from the technology.